What items should I flush down the toilet?

Paper pee and poo

If you love your Loo, Flush Paper, Pee & Poo

Wet wipes and other sanitary products being flushed down the loo, not only causes blockages but is beginning to be a major environmental hazard.

MCS Beachwatch reports suggest that the number of wet wipes littering UK beaches has increased by over 50% in the past few years because people put them down the toilet instead of in the bin.

It is imperative that people remember that only paper, pee & poo should be flushed down the loo.

So-called ‘flushable’ products like wet wipes suggest that it’s possible to flush them away but they cause blockages in the sewer which can cost thousands to rectify. 

 – Over half of sewer flooding is caused by blockages in sewers and drains, which leads to flooding and pollution.

 – Companies believe it costs the water industry between 60 to 80 million pounds every year to clear blocked drains and sewers.

It is vitally important to bin disposable wipes and sanitary products as well as never pouring fats, oils and greases down the sink.

More information on what you can and cannot put down your drains can be found in the advice section of our website: https://c4plusdrainage.co.uk/advice/

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