Is your commercial property ready for it’s workforce?

As we move out of lock down commercial properties will begin to increases their capacities. As drainage specialists, we will see an increase in blocked, broken and stagnant drains during this time.

When drains are left unused for long periods certain issues such as cracks, infestations or winter damage may have developed and gone unnoticed.

C4 Plus drainage are aware of these potential problems and have put together a 5 point check list that Facility Managers or property maintenance companies can perform to identify potential problems before the workforce returns. Omitting the need for costly shut downs.


  • Unwelcome Odours. This is a good indication of blocked drains. Possibly but not limited to rodent infestation.
  • Slow Draining. This usually indicates you have drain issues, possibly a partial blockage that will require flushing at either high or low pressure.
  • Flooding. If you have any drains that are flooding, either indoors or outdoors, you need to act fast as this can become costly if not resolved early.
  • Strange Noises. Sounds that include gurgling from your pipes and drains also indicate potential issues and are worth investigating further.
  • Regular Maintenance. Inspecting drains regularly will prevent blockage, allowing issues identified to be rectified more easily.

If you have identified any of the issues above that cannot be fixed by your team, C4 Drainage are here to assist and investigating further.

As well as our handy checklist, C4 are offering a Drainage health-check to ensurer your drainage system will swim, not sink, post lock down.

Conducted by one of our fully trained and insured drainage engineers, this will include:

CCTV inspection surveys to identify problem’s and prevent them from amplifying before they become costly. Investigating any structural defects in a drainage system. Including but not limited to: collapsed pipework, displaced Joints, dropped sewer, root damage and infestation.

For more information or to book your C4 health-check please call 07496 438 889 email or visit: