Help to work scheme – Logan McCoy starts his training.

C4 Plus Drainage Ltd has launched a new scheme offering young people the opportunity to work and train with us, with a direct line of sight to employment. 

The scheme will allow young people to continue their learning. Whilst a work-based programme of training helps them develop the skills and experience needed to secure an apprenticeship with C4Plus Drainage Ltd, or other suitable employment.

In doing this we aim to reduce the proportion of unemployed young people currently looking for work. The Current Socio-Political – Economic Climate is bleak. Young people have been hit particularly hard by the fallout from coronavirus, with workers aged under 24 accounting for nearly half of the total fall in employment (IES

We hope this scheme will encouraging other companies to help train young people as it is vitally important to the long term growth of the local economy.

Our vision is to:
Recruit young people who are ready to work
Support young people with needs and issues
Encourage personal and professional development
Be a desirable organisation to work for and retain staff

C4Plus Drainage Ltd would like to introduce our first candidate to kick-off this scheme, 17-year-old Logan McCoy. 

Logan found it difficult to find employment after leaving school. He was faced with many barriers from Employers, ranging from his lack of industry experience, to a simple lack of jobs due to the covid pandemic.

Enhancing professional development through practical application enables learning to be proactive throughout a chosen career path. Here at C4 Plus we demonstrate our desire to employ young people and retain staff, whilst continually enhancing their knowledge and skills sets.

We will continue to update you on Logans progress within the company as he develops.

To discuss this or any other project or requirement please don’t hesitate to get in touch.