COVID-19 Update

Graphic of covid-19 virus

Our priority to provide a safe working environment for our staff and ensure our customers are kept safe on site.

C4 Plus drainage engineers have been on the front line during the Covid-19 epidemic. The nature of our works means that our technical specialist have been categorised as key workers. This is due to emergency call outs and flood response times.

For this reason we have developed an on site risk assessment survey. It is in everyone’s interest that we follow the governments strict guidelines and implement our own risk assessment and common sense on every job.

The government guidelines can be found here:

Changes we have made.

Government criteria have made it necessary to attend priority emergency call outs first. This has slowed our attendances on planned maintenance works, for extra safety of our staff.

Our precaution starts from the first phone call and runs through to completion of the job. 

We have made it mandatory to ask guideline question such as: have you travelled within the last 14 days, have you had flu like symptoms or been around any other person with flu like symptoms. These are mandatory and will require a response before we can assist you.

We are keeping to the 1-2M social distancing rules and provide masks to all drainage specialist. A call en-route is made to the customer from the attending engineer, stating that they are on their way. This allows minimal interaction on arrival to reduce the likely-hood of any potential spread.

Our engineers wear googles and visors whilst jetting which already falls within our Health and Safety procedures. This goes hand in hand with the extra protection requirements during the pandemic.

Our engineers are also given full PPE, hand sanitiser and disinfectant hand wipes as a minimum. The well being for our staff and customers is our main focus in these unprecedented times.

To discuss these measures further or to if you have an emergency that needs our expertise please call 07496 438 889